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Mastering Leadership Program

What is the Mastering Leadership Program? TLC’s Mastering Leadership Program is a transformational training and development approach to engaging employees in such a way that they naturally produce extraordinary business results.

Our Mastering Leadership Program builds on the cutting-edge technology from the world-famous Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership program (which includes the Four Foundational Factors of Leadership) Acknowledgement HERE

TLC Consultants are also licensed and trained to lead the complete Being a Leader program.


This is designed and delivered as an In-house Program; meaning, our highly trained Consultants, work with senior management to deliver this program to your organization’s specific business needs.

Delivery of Mastering Leadership – over the course of this 3 to 12-month program - includes (and is not limited to):

  1. Work-Session Preparation: an organization-wide assessment to establish a pre-engagement benchmark of where the organization is starting from (2 hours per-participant)
  2. 6 Separate Work-Day Sessions: delivered over a 3 to 12-month period (each Work-Day Session is 8 hours/each for 48 total-hours/per/person)
  3. Academic-level Course Reading: we assign each participant with books, articles and/or select academic papers to expand on the work we do in each of our Work-Day Sessions (5 hours per participant)
  4. Group Coaching Webinars: four separate 1-hour group coaching sessions delivered over this time-period (4 hours per participant)
  5. Post-Program Assessment: at the end of this 3 to 12-month engagement we repeat the organization-wide assessment we did at the beginning (see #1) in order to access the organization’s growth, deficiencies and next-steps (2 hrs/each)

Total Training & Development time for each person participating in the Mastering Leadership Program is 56 hours

  • Total hours calculation: Work-Session Preparation (2 hrs/each) + Work Days (6 days at 8/hrs./each) + Group Coaching Webinars (4 hrs/each) + Post-Program Assessment (2 hrs/each)

Tuition: $5,000 + GST per person
  • Business and Organizational senior leadership/management
  • High-potential individuals (i.e. developing the next-generation of business leaders)
  • Operational teams who are out to create specific breakthrough business results

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