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Mastering the Discipline of Execution Program: The Getting Things Done Program

What is the Mastering the Discipline of Execution Program? TLC’s Mastering Performance Program is a transformational training and development approach to engaging people in organizations in such a way that they discover and are naturally used-by the distinctions of what it takes to consistently “get things done”.

This program directly addresses the barriers that prevent people in organizations from doing-what-they-say-they-will-do and by-when-they-said-they-will-do-it. Our Consultants engage people in discovering how the old paradigm of “time-management” (with its To-Do List mentality) is out-of-date and, quite frankly bankrupt. Instead, we provide people in business with what it actually takes to operate as – what we distinguish as – a high performance team. In our Getting Things Done Program, participants work through a long-term initiative that promises to make a significant impact on their organization’s business results. TLC Consultants work alongside each participant to ensure they demonstrate being a leader and they have a level of freedom and power as they fulfil their specific initiatives.

How this Program is Actually Delivered:
  • We strongly recommend Participants successfully complete TLC’s Mastering Leadership Program as a pre-requisite to this program
  • Create and Fulfill on a Business Initiative: each participant is coached (by TLC) to create a 6-12 month business initiative that their “boss” (or Engagement Sponsor) sanctions
  • Three ½-day Work Sessions: conducted over the course of this 6-9 month program
  • One-on-One Coaching: each participant is assigned a TLC Coach (intervals of recurring coaching calls are based on what works for each Participant and Coach; usually 30 minutes every other week)
  • On-line Modules: conducted once monthly, these small group on-line-seminars are designed to deepen the distinctions of Mastering Leadership in each Participant’s business initiative and to share “best practices”

The Mastering the Discipline of Execution Program is targeted to:
  • Graduates of TLC’s Mastering Leadership Program
  • Business and Organizational senior leadership/management
  • High-potential individuals (i.e. developing the next-generation of business leaders)
  • Operational teams who are out to create specific breakthrough business results

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