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Being A Leader is for exceptional leaders who are up to accomplishing something extraordinary and who see the need to take their leadership to a new level to make that happen. This program employs a new science of leadership that focuses on “who you are being” as a leader and is designed to empower you in achieving breakthroughs in your leadership performance that will last a lifetime.

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The Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership program is delivered over 6-days of Workshops and 5 separate webinar-coaching sessions (see Schedule below).

This internationally acclaimed program was originally created by authors/scholars Werner Erhard, Dr. Michael Jensen, and Steve Zaffron and is now being led in Canada by highly-qualified instructors who have been trained and licensed to deliver this new science of leadership. Beingaleader.net

The ‘Being a Leader’ training program schedule consists of:

Two separate 3-day Work Sessions (totaling six full days of in-person-training) coupled with four separate Group Coaching Webinars and approximately 6 hours of pre-program course reading materials[1]. Additionally, each Participant designs their own unique Leadership Initiative project that – when completed – demonstrates one’s capacity to apply this program to day-to-day life[2]. This entire Program is spread over a 3 to 12-month time period and is delivered in major Canadian markets[3].

To support each participant in fulfilling the promise of the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Program, our Coaches will facilitate the six-days of Work Sessions and the five separate 1-hour Group Coaching Sessions as follows:

Group Coaching Webinar #1: this video conference occurs 2-4 weeks before our first actual Work Session together. Webinar #1 orients you to your fellow Being a Leader colleagues and this first conversation empowers you to successfully launch your own compelling leadership initiative project. Essentially, Webinar #1 provides you with all you need to complete prior to our first work-session.

Session A: is a three-day Work Session that follows Webinar #1. Segment One’s dates/location are detailed in the featured Being a Leader Program highlighted below.

Group Coaching Webinar #2: this 75-minute video conference call is designed to expand on the work completed in Session A and our coaches will develop you to successfully implement the Being a Leader Program, “on-the-court” (i.e. back at work). This Webinar takes place (approximately) 2- 4 weeks between Session A and Session B. The actual Group Coaching dates/times your call will be aligned on by you and your colleagues during Session A.

Session B: is the final three-day session of your Being a Leader Program.

Group Coaching Webinar Call #3: the purpose of this final 90-minute Group Call is to coach you to expand your capacity to implement the Being a Leader Program for the rest of your leadership career. This call will occur approximately 2-3 weeks after our final Work Session.

The Calgary dates are:

Session A: March 17, 18 (end by 6pm) and March 19 (ends by 4:30pm), 2020
Session B: April 28, 29 (end by 6pm) and April 30 (end by 4:30pm), 2020

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Tuition for Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Program is $5,000 + GST per person.*

[1] Each “Working Day” equals 8 hours of classroom instruction – there are 6 Working Days totaling 48 hours of actual classroom instruction. There are 3 separate Group Coaching Webinars in this program – totaling between 4-5 hours of additional coaching. The Pre-Course Reading requires approximately 6 hours of individual reading time and is to be completed prior to Work day #1

[2] The total hours of instruction for this Program (Working Days + Group Coaching Webinars + Pre-Course Reading) is at least 58 hours over this 3-6 month training program.

[3] Individual Being a Leader Programs are delivered over a 3 to 12-month time period in order to accommodate the needs of specific business participants in various Canadian cities.

The Promised Outcome of the Being A Leader Program:

You will naturally act as a leader WITHOUT having to remember what strategies or techniques to apply. Each participant will create an individual Leadership Initiative project, which is designed to have participants apply the program to their lives.

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